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print Special SUMMER SCHEDULE AT SLOMAC August 17-30

  • Yoga Shala has moved to SLO Summer/Fall, 2015 – to SLOMAC 2074 Parker St.- SLO
  • New Summer Intensive – Shadow Yoga in SLO @ Movement Arts Center Aug 17-21.
  • New Shadow Yoga Prep: at SLO Movement Arts Center Aug 22 12:30-2:30PM. Beginners welcome.
  • New Shadow Yoga Workshop August 23, 12-3pm w/ Shelley SLO Movement Arts Center
  • New Hatha Yoga Weekend: August 28-30 at SLO Movement Arts Center. Beginner/Advanced welcome.
  • Zhander Remete & Emma Balnaves NRTTA SADHANA December 3-6 sign up
  • October-December Schedule at SLOMAC in SLO
August 17-30
Monday-Friday 6:30-8:00am Summer Intensive
Catherine August 17-21 sign up
Aug. 17 Monday 6:00-7:15pm Restorative/Beginner Catherine
Aug. 19 Wednesday 4:30-5:45pm Shadow Basics Catherine Beginners Welsome
6:00-7:15pm Yoga Basics Shelley
Aug. 22 Saturday 7:00-8:30am All Levels Yoga Catherine
12:30-2:30pm Shadow Yoga Prep Catherine sign up
Aug. 23 Sunday 9:00-10:30am Gentle Flow Shelley
12:00-3:00pm Shadow Yoga Workshop Shelley sign up
Aug. 24 Monday 6:00-7:15pm Restorative/Beginner Catherine
Aug. 26 Wednesday 7:00-8:15am Shadow Yoga* Catherine
4:30-5:45pm Shadow Basics Catherine Beginners Welcome
6:00-7:15pm Yoga Basics Shelley
Aug. 28 Friday 5:30-7:00pm Hatha Yoga Workshop Catherine can drop in $20 sign up
Aug. 29 Saturday 7:00-8:30am All Level Yoga Catherine
12:30-2:20pm Hatha Yoga Workshop Catherine can drop in $20 sign up
Aug. 30 Sunday 8:30-10:00am Hatha Yoga Workshop Catherine can drop in $20 sign up


Hatha Yoga class card 5x $70 10x $140 $14/class
Shadow Yoga Series* $17/class see flyers for dates & details
Shadow Yoga class card 5x $100 10x $200 $20/class
Private Sessions 1 person $85 2 people $90 4+ people $30/person (in studio)
Shadow Yoga * must have shadow experience

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Shadow Yoga

Shadow Yoga is a Hatha Yoga School founded by Zhander Remete that places special emphasis on preparatory forms as basis for a safe, meaningful development of students. These preparatory forms, the preludes, integrate principles common to all the internal arts, yoga, martial arts & dance. The sequencing of positions and rhythm of movement and breath are derived from the anatomical and energetic principles of Hatha Yoga and guided by the 108 points of the Indian marmasthana system.

The preludes consist of warrior (viraparampara) and sun forms (surynamaskaras). They are flowing forms that combine strong stance work with spiraling movements, skillful arm-hand gestures and rhythmic breathing. The warrior forms free the body from tensions and blockages. The sun forms ignite the central power system. Three preludes have been devised, differing in type and level of activity:

  1. Balakrama
  2. Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam
  3. Karttikeya Mandala

In the Shadow Yoga practice the preludes are first systematically learned and then practiced for a period of three to seven years. Basic mastery of Balakrama and Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam is prerequisite for working with the Kartikkeya Mandala. Solid grounding in the Karttikeya Mandala is required to proceed with the primary asanas, which lead to the practice of inversions.

Shadow Yoga is taught worldwide by Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves.  shadowyoga.com.

U.S. Teachers qualified to teach Shadow Yoga by Zhander & Emma.

San Luis Obispo, California
Catherine Halcomb: catherineyoga.com
Shelley Massa: into-balance.com 

Los Angeles, California
Matt Pesendian: bodhimanda.com
Matt Schwartz: goldenmonkeyhealing.com

New York City, New York
Andy Matinog: redcrowyogashala.com
Maya Smeloff: redcrowyogashala.com

Portland, Oregon
Lita Batho: litayoga.com

San Francisco & Bay Area, California
Scott Blossom: shunyatayoga.com
Chandra Easton: shunyatayoga.com
Mark Horner: horneryoga.com

Events & Workshops

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August events-SLOMAC

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Shadow Yoga Workshop

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Hatha Yoga Workshop

 sign up online:

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Intensive @ SLO Movement Arts

@ SLO Movement Arts . 2074 Parker St in SLO      Aug 17-21, 2015 . Mon-Fri . 6:30-8AM  $95

sign up online

Primary Asana & VinyasaThe 5 Day Intensive will introduce traditional primary asana from the perspective of the Shadow Yoga School. Of course we will utilize the Shadow Yoga warm ups and prelude forms before the introduction of asana. Students who enroll MUST be familiar with at least one of the Shadow Yoga Prelude forms. The practice of Asana requires skill, sensitivity, and intelligent preparation. This intensive will introduce some of the key asana / vinyasa from the perspective of Shadow Yoga. The focus will be on establishing ease and firmness in each shape. In addition, the preludes forms will be refined with an attention to better understand how the shadow yoga prelude forms prepare each student for the practice of asana. print flyer


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SIGN UP ONLINE       SLO Accommodations list


Nrtta Sadhana with Zhander Remete & Emma Balnaves.

This workshop is open to all students with Shadow Yoga experience.

Thursdays Lecture class is included in the weekend and all participants must attend the Thursday Lecture class. The Lecture class is also open to students with interest as a single class. For a full description of Nrtta Sadhana and information about Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves please view their website. www.shadowyoga.com

Lecture class location:  December 3, 5PM  TBA CA 93449

LOCATION of practical classes Dec 4-6: SLO Adult School. 1500 Lizzie St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 CONTACT: Catherine Halcomb-LaBarbera breathe@catherineyoga.com 805-441-7837 COST: $700 – checks to Yoga Shala  send to- P.O. Box 3110 Shell Beach, CA 93448

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Shadow Yoga PREP

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Shadow Yoga Prep:  August 22 with Catherine

an introduction to Shadow Yoga This 2 hour focus class will introduce the cornerstones of the Shadow Yoga practice. This is the first step for students who are interested in learning Shadow Yoga. Students who attend this class will be qualified to join any of our Shadow Yoga Basics series classes offered at the Yoga Shala. No Yoga experience necessary. Beginners Welcome. Shadow Yoga integrates the common principles shared by yoga asana, martial arts, dance and the Ayurveda and Siddha systems of medicine. By practicing Shadow Yoga sequences one develops lightness, strength, flexibility and agility.

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  • August events-SLOMAC

    August events-SLOMAC

  • Shadow Yoga Workshop

    Shadow Yoga Workshop

  • Hatha Yoga Workshop

    Hatha Yoga Workshop

  • Intensive @ SLO Movement Arts

    Intensive @ SLO Movement Arts

  • ZHANDER & EMMA 2015

    ZHANDER & EMMA 2015

  • Shadow Yoga PREP

    Shadow Yoga PREP


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Bali – April 2015

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email Catherine to have a full itinerary emailed to you.

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LOCATION of Bali Yoga Retreat Bali Indonesia – Balian 1.5 hours from airport in Denpasar, situated on the ocean. minutes from rice fields, the ultimate destination to experience intact Bali culture, or to get away to a truly tranquil and peaceful destination.

Gajah Mina Resort ** (higher end, great organic restaurant) http://www.gajahminaresort.com Pondok Pisces * (lovely, great restaurant & location) http://www.pondokpiscesbali.com Kubu Balian (great surf location, reasonable great) http://www.kububalian.com there are also many beautiful houses to rent: www.vrbo.com search BALIAN or TABANAN Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 3.40.16 PM Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 3.40.55 PM  Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 3.42.16 PM  Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 3.43.29 PM

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Gajah Mina Resort ** (high end, great organic restauranthttp://www.gajahminaresort.com
Pondok Pisces * (lovely, great restaurant & location) http://www.pondokpiscesbali.com
Kubu Balian (great surflocation, reasonable great) http://www.kububalian.com
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Tassajara July, 2015

For more info: please contact Shelley: 805  441  4003    To reserve your cabin, please contact Tassajara reservations: 1 888 743 9362

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  • Bali – April  2015

    Bali – April 2015

  • Tassajara July, 2015

    Tassajara July, 2015

Class Descriptions


Beginner Yoga

Learn to build your practice from the ground up this class will introduce proper breathing, build strength, increase flexibility, reduce stress and give foundation to the yoga practice. no yoga experience required.

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Pregnancy Yoga

These classes are specifically designed for expectant mothers from conception to delivery. Students will learn the fundamentals of yoga to help maintain muscle tone and learn techniques for breathing and relaxation, with the goal of helping mothers toward a healthy and less stressful birthing process.

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Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga which utilizes props to make it easier for the body to get into certain poses, and thus, surrender to the pose. Practicing poses using props provides a completely supportive environment for total relaxation. The more your body is supported in the poses the deeper the sense of relaxation. Relaxation is a state in which there is no movement, no effort, and the brain is quiet. Typically, Restorative poses are sustained  for as long as you are comfortable.

Yoga Basics

Each class will explore the fundamentals of the yoga practice. Emphasis on breathing and stilling the mind will be given. Some yoga experience recommended. Beginners welcome.

All Levels Yoga

All Levels Yoga

Open to all levels of students. 6 months yoga experience recommended.

Yoga Basics

Shadow Yoga Prep

An introduction to Shadow Yoga
This 2 hour class will introduce the cornerstones of the Shadow Yoga practice. This is the first step for students who are interested in learning Shadow Yoga. Students who attend this class will be qualified to join any of our Shadow Yoga Basics classes offered at the Yoga Shala. No yoga experience necessary. Beginners Welcome.

Shadow Yoga Basics

The prelude forms- Level 1 & Level 2 This series class is for anyone who has attended an Introduction to Shadow Yoga class or the Shadow Yoga Prep class. Students will learn one of the three prelude forms and the beginning forward bends and seats. Shadow Yoga is taught in a series format, each class builds on the previous class leaving the student with a solid foundation in Shadow Yoga. Keep in mind that it can take up to 5-7 years to become proficient in one of the prelude forms of Shadow Yoga. Beginners Welcome.

Shadow Yoga

Level 3 – Refining the preludes and primary asana . These series classes are for students who already have a foundation in at least one of the prelude forms. Refinement of the preludes will be given and classes will work in the full practice format. Students will be exposed to primary asana work. 6 months-1 year minimum experience with Shadow Yoga is required to attend this class. Classes are taught by Catherine Halcomb-LaBarbera. This form of yoga was founded by Zhander Remete.  www.shadowyoga.com or locally www.catherineyoga.com.

Shadow Yoga – Zhander Remete & Emma Balnaves

www.shadowyoga.com to order Shadow Yoga book www.amazon.com


Catherine Halcomb-LaBarbera


Catherine is the director of the Yoga Shala. She teaches our Shadow Yoga programs and Hatha Yoga Classes. She has been teaching yoga since 1996 and was the previous owner of the Yoga Centre in SLO & AG. Catherine has been studying yoga with Zhander Remete since 1994 and Emma Balnaves. More info about Catherine, Private Yoga & Corporate Yoga www.catherineyoga.com & www.shadowyoga.com

Shelley Massa-Gooch

RYT 200

Shelley opened the Yoga Shala with Catherine in 2007. She has been teaching since 1997 on the Central Coast. She teaches 3 classes a week at the Yoga Shala. Shadow Yoga Basics, Yoga Basics, and Beginner Yoga. Shelley offers an annual retreat at Tassajara Zen Mountian Center. Shelley has studied Yoga with Zhander Remete since 1995.    www.into-balance.com

Cindy Cleveland

Cindy teaches our Beginner Restorative class.
Cindy takes many Shadow courses with Catherine. On several occasions Cindy worked with Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves in Shadow Yoga. Cindy is down to earth, enjoys teaching and loves yoga.



Students are encouraged to park in the small lot at our main entrance or in the side lot. There is also plenty of street parking on Parker St.

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